SAVAGE ESTILO Two words. Two languages. One world.  Yours.

Savage is an attitude. Estilo — pues, ya lo concoces. It’s the Spanish word for style.

SAVAGE ESTILO is a Savage Style of fashion, thought and consciousness. Trends come and go. Fads fade. But Savage Estilo is perpetual. It adapts, just like you.

Somos de Los Angeles. Southern California is a melting pot of different cultures, languages and styles: and Savage Estilo encompasses them all. Remix, reappropriation, reuse and reinvention: all these words define us. You’ll find these attitudes in LA, SoCal, America… and you’ll find them in Savage Estilo.

Our apparel is multicultural in style, tone, and fashion. Todo suave, todo chevere, todo cool — and all savage. Come find your style.
downtown LA skyline